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What is FeedTurtle?


FeedTurtle is a Java-based multimedia manager, focused in particular on download and organization of TV shows.

With FeedTurtle's TV Show Manager you can:
- organize your favourites tv shows;
- download tv series from a large variety of torrents providers;
- download subtitles from Itasa, Subsfactory and Addic7ed;
- read all the informations you need about a show, such as episode's overview, characters list, latest news etc...
- get multimedia contents (music, images, banners, wallpapers...) about a tv show;
- be always informed about episodes air dates with the complete TV Guide;
- monitor all your shows informations and statistics with the Serial Monitor;
- executing manual and automatic check-ins to TVTag social network;
- remotly control downloads with the Vuze Remote App;
- transcode video files with the integration with ffmpeg, mencoder or other programs;
...and much more!

With FeedTurtle's Movie Manager you can:
- organize and catalog your favourites movies;
- get movie information, cast and wallpapers;
- watch movie trailers;

With FeedTurtle's Videogame Manager you can:
- retrieve videogame information and metadata;
- retrieve console information and metadata;
- manage your roms collection;
- launch rom emulation directly from the program;
- check the release date for upcoming videogames;

With FeedTurtle's Music Manager you can:
- retrieve information and metadata about artists, albums and tracks;
- search and play audio tracks within your music archive;
- watch and download music videoclips from Youtube;
- create your own music playlists;

FeedTurtle ia also an RSS feed reader, with an integrated web browser that will allow to download videos directly from Youtube.



Where can I get help?


Itasa forum (Italian)        Sourceforge forum (English)  



How can I help?


FeedTurtle is and always will be 100% free, but any controbution is very appreciated and will help me to keep the software regularly updated!